Slo Life is about changing your approach to food and drink and going back to the raw elements of cooking.


When you next walk through the supermarket have a look at how much is fresh. That does not include chilled ready meals that have a 2 week best before (what must they do to those to make them last that long!) but the real food that is good for us. Is breakfast cereal good if it has a best before of 12 months? What about the hidden sugars in the yoghurt and the posh soft drinks that are laden with the stuff? When you look at your trolley like this it changes how you shop and that will change how you eat!

This new way is going to take some more of your time. We all seem to have less and less of that! Technology was supposed to give us more so let’s make better use of those 24 hours because if we want to change things that is what we must do. Let’s be honest, our phones distract us with so many things; social media, emails that we think demand immediate responses, the house prices in the area and the route of the plane above us!

I think we can makes great changes to our health and wellbeing by making time for quality, proper cooking that you do every day. Half an hour to feed the family whilst using that phone to get the new music you like and enjoying a decent gin is what it is about!

I hope you will come and join me for a lesson in the Slo Life kitchen and get back to the simple joy of feeding friends and family with real food.